Support Engineer

A little bit about me


There's only one thing every single Brazilian have already experienced in life, at least once: to watch a football match with our family, friends and/or co-workers. That's why since the World Cup in 2002, football is one of my biggest passions.


Perhaps this was my first love in life... or the second one, after my SNES. I can't forget the day I've watched "The Song Remains the Same" in concert, by Led Zeppelin, with my dad. It was love at first sight. Jimmy Page was my idol when I was a kid.


I love so many random stuff I wouldn't be able to fit it all here. Let me just mention: games, animes, series/movies, tech stuff, and bisnaguinhas. Well, I could keep going here forever, but honestly I hate self-made websites, they're all so selfish. But... you're still reading this... why?